Flower School of Art

The Laavish School of Art is here …

1unnamedLaavish Flower Studio is an innovative, exotic, creative designer studio that combines the talents of exquisite taste with a keen eye for colour, exceptional style to the highest standards and an enthusiastic approach.

For all of these reasons above Gina can share her knowledge and passion with her students who want to learn the profession, to upgrade their floristry skills or with general hobbyists where no prior floral background is

Gina has 17 years of floristry experience and has owned Laavish Flower Studio for 9 years. She has been leading the industry and has conducted many demonstrations and received countless awards.

Exceeding your expectations is a trait Gina lives by and is achieved through her passion and flare.

With this exciting opportunity I hope to inspire and pass on my creative ideas. I would like to give the opportunity to my students to experience the Laavish style of floristry.

The Laavish style is edgy, new age, innovative, unique, original, modern, and imaginative. I strive to have ground breaking designs that will inspire your imagination. The Laavish School of art aims for each student to take away as much knowledge and creative skills as possible and will have the opportunity to be hands on and be critiqued to help improve their skills.